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What Are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?



What Are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer? Cancer has become the most feared and almost deadly disease as humanity grapples with various diseases and challenging ways of dealing with them.

What Are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

Cancer has become the most feared and almost deadly disease as humanity grapples with various diseases and challenging ways of dealing with them. No disease is welcomed by anyone, but Breast Cancer is especially every woman’s nightmare. This article will help women to recognize the early signs of Breast Cancer and therefore enable them to deal with the problem effectively.

Causes of Breast Cancer:

Nothing in particular can be attributed to the cause of breast cancer. There may be some factors that may interact with the cause of this problem, but there is no guarantee that such causes will necessarily cause Breast cancer. Some of the reasons that can be listed are as follows:

  • Genes: If a woman has a family history of breast cancer, she is likely to be predisposed to breast cancer as well. It is important to be related by blood. A distant relationship with someone who has this disease does not put you in the same danger.
  • High Levels of Estrogen: High levels of estrogen can pose many other dangers besides breast cancer. Estrogen cells divide faster and can therefore lead to breast cancer.
  • Having a late first child: Not necessarily a cause of breast cancer. This disease can be a supporting factor if it has to occur due to other problems in your body.
  • Menopause: If a woman stops menstruating after age 55, she may be prone to breast cancer problems.
  • Frequent Use of Birth Control Pill: Birth Control Pills interfere with your hormones. Excessive intake can lead to serious problems in your uterus. It can also lead to breast cancer problems.
  • Adverse Lifestyle: Drugs, alcohol, frequent smoking habit, obesity and such unhealthy lifestyle habits can indeed pose serious risk for Breast Cancer contraction.

10 Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Although there are no identifiable factors as to what exactly can cause breast cancer, its early symptoms can certainly be detected. Recognizing them at an early stage and being on a certain level of alertness to them later on will only help you avoid the deadly disease and the worsening complications that result from it. Breast Cancer symptoms are as follows:

1. Changes in the Breast:
This will obviously be the problem area and therefore needs a certain level of attention. There may be minor changes that look like a painless lump. The shape of your breasts may seem to be changing. Especially bloating in some directions.

2. Thick Chest Skin:
You may also notice a much less significant change in the skin of your breast. Such as the appearance of some spots and thickening of the breast skin.

3. Change in Breast Color:
Color changes in the skin of your breast can be very noticeable. You may notice the skin turning pale and orange, or the appearance of redness and itching.

4. Changes in the nipple:
Your nipples may appear to you as drooping or twisting. Your nipples may ache. Touching that area may make you feel extremely sensitive and you may feel mild pain.

5. Underarm Changes:
If your breasts do not show any signs of lumps, check for any lumps in your armpits. If you find them, you may be at risk of breast cancer.

6. Changes in Height:
Look carefully at the lymph nodes in your neck area as well. You may also see small lumps in this area.

7. Peeling, Flaking Skin:
The skin on your breasts may be peeling and shedding, just as dead skin is shed from dry body parts. This is a strong sign of breast cancer.

8. Discharges:
You may notice clear or unclear discharge from your nipples. If you are not a breastfeeding mother, this is an abnormal situation that you should be worried about.

9. Unusual Temperature:
You may also experience a certain level of inflammation. This may be a sign of rare and aggressive breast cancer.

10. Chest Pain:
Although it is not very obvious, there may be some pain in the breast. The intensity of pain can be different. This may not be a necessary symptom and can be relieved using medications such as massage.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis:

Diagnosing Breast Cancer involves doing a mammogram of the breast to detect any abnormalities in the breast. It is an X-ray to detect the breast. Breast ultrasound can also be used instead of X-rays.

Also, some of the affected breast tissue may be removed for fixation. This is known as a biopsy. Samples are detected in the laboratory, where they are detected for the presence of cancerous cells. It is the most certain and reliable way to learn about the presence of breast cancer. Doctors may also recommend an MRI scan for diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Treatment:

Likewise, it is important to determine the stage of your breast cancer to determine what the treatment may be. The same is determined by the size of the tumor, its shape and the area where it has spread.

Chemotherapy is recommended for women before resorting to surgery. Hormone therapy is also used. Also, doctors may recommend surgery to remove the cancer. Chemotherapy is also used after surgery to prevent recurrence. Chemotherapy is also used to prevent the spread of cancerous cells.

Radiation Therapy is also used. High-powered energy beams such as X-rays and protons are also used to kill cancer radiation.

This article just gives you an overview of the disease, symptoms, and associated diagnosis and treatment. It is always recommended to consult a doctor and seek medical advice for any related problem. Be on the lookout for early signs and symptoms. Also, get a second opinion before undergoing any treatment. It is only the will and determination of your body that will help you defeat such dangerous diseases.

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